Rotary Printing


Chrome free and low odour laser engraving lacquer for textile and wallpaper printing.
After drying and polymerisation, this laser engraving lacquer has very good ablation properties during CO2 laser engraving. Can be applied with a variety of coating systems with single or double squeegee. Has excellent resistance against all common printing pastes.


1-component photoemulsion for the coating of rotary printing screens which are suitable for conventional film exposure, wax and inkjet engraving and also for Blue-Ray laser and DLE-CTS systems. Good flow properties. Can be coated with single or double squeegee coating systems. After thermal curing (60 min at 180 °C), the rotary screen has very good resistance to all common printing pastes. Can also be used with CO2 laser engraving systems.

ROTACOAT 338 Q Green
Chrome-free, one-component rotary-printing emulsion for textile and wallpaper printing

ROTACOAT 338 Q Green is used for the engraving of rotary printing screens by conventional film, wax and ink-jet.
Its excellent exposure reactivity makes it also suitable for BlueRay laser systems such as SPG Prints smartLEX, Lüscher JetScreen DX, but also for DLE CTS systems.
ROTACOAT 338 Q Green has excellent flow properties, is mild in odour with very good resolution and reproduction of details.


DIAZO photoemulsions for rotary printing screens. Can be used for textile and wallpaper printing, especially with Blue-Ray laser and DLE-CTS exposure systems, but are also suitable for engraving rotary printing screens with conventional film exposure, wax and inkjet systems. Has an even higher resolution and detail reproduction. Very good flow characteristics with single or double squeegee coating. After thermal curing (60 min at 180 °C), the rotary screen has very good resistance to all conventional printing pastes. Sensitize with DIAZO No. 10.



Two-component epoxy adhesive for bonding metal or plastic endrings to nickel rotary screens. ARCABOND R 900 H can be cured with heat and at room temperature with virtually no shrinkage. The bond has high static and dynamic resistance values. ARCADUR R 900 H is the hardener for the solvent-free epoxy adhesive ARCABOND R 900 H.



Is used for the removing and cleaning of endrings from rotary screens. It is an aggressive solvent mixture. Adhesives on basis of polyurethane, polyester or epoxy such as e.g. ARCABOND R 900 H are attacked by PREGAN E and softened by swelling so that the endrings can be easily removed from the rotary screen. The nickel screen will not be attacked.

ESTELAN 1799 Green

Moisture-hardening one-component retouch lacquer. It is used for corrections of rotary screens after thermofixation and of flat screens after hardening. After hardening it is highly resistant to various substrates. ESTELAN 1799 Green has an excellent adhesion to photoemulsions and metals.



Water reducible, biodegradable screen cleaning concentrate which is used diluted with water and which is especially suitable for cleaning pigments, plastisol, solvent and UV inks. KIWOCLEAN AQ 820 is diluted with up to 4 parts water. It has been especially developed for the use in automatic screen washing units and produces little foam.


Water emulsifiable solvent mixture for the removal of dried pigment printing pastes and flock adhesives. Dried solvent based printing inks can quickly be dissolved, dispersion based products swell and can be removed from the screen using a strong water jet. Despite its high efficiency, PREGAN 1014 E has very little attack on photoemulsions.