Blanket adhesives

Application of KIWOTEX products
KIWOTEX DK 45 L / 83 L

Polymer solution that has a tacky surface after drying. It is, therefore, suitable for bonding textiles to automatic screenprinting machines, printing tables and sample printing tables with printing blankets of nitrile rubber, polyurethane or similar material. It is especially suitable for bonding heavy textiles.


KIWOTEX TDK 35 L / 55 L / 85 L

Thermoplastic textile permanent adhesive suitable for coating printing blankets. The adhesive is heat-activated, i.e. it is temporarily made tacky. These adhesives show a slight tackiness already at room temperature that increases when the temperature goes up.

KIWOTEX Digital P 70

Solvent based, permanent adhesive for fi xing goods during digital textile printing. Is used for the self-adhesive coating of printing blankets. KIWOTEX Digital P 70 has a good resistance against printing inks, can be used for many printing cycles and allows a very good penetration of the ink. By mixing with KIWOTEX Digital T 30 the tack can be reduced for special fabric types and can be adapted for various applications and requirements.


KIWOTEX Digital T 30 / KIWOTEX Digital T 50

Thermoplastic textile permanent adhesives for coating printing blankets which are activated, i.e. made temporarily tacky, by the application of heat. They already have a low tack at room temperature, which increases with rising temperature. A special fi eld of application is fabric fi xation in digital textile printing in the temperature activation range from approx. 30 °C to 70 °C.


KIWOTEX Stripper

Mild odour and is a highly efficient solvent mixture for the cleaning of printing paste residues as well as the quick removal of permanent and thermo-plastic adhesives from the printing blanket. KIWOTEX STRIPPER is not suitable for PVC printing blankets.