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Emerging from the shadows and into the limelight


Together with the Flock Application Laboratory at KIWO – Kissel + Wolf in Wiesloch, set designer Doris Margarete Schmidt produced interesting, flocked stage props for the film Lisa Sperling was doing for her master’s degree.

Lisa, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg, developed her first studio film in which they employed narrative traditions from Benin (West Africa) with the moment and its repetition or repeatability - the contrast between film and theatre.

The production design utilises an abstract area, which could be anywhere and dissolves the boundaries of space. This space is a bit reminiscent of a forest with unknown, furry fruits (which are the flocked objects). "I'm interested in the moment of viewing, where one poses the question: What is it? What can it do?” explains Doris Margarete Schmidt. ”This moment depicts for me the sense and purpose that a sculpture is."

From 2007 to 2014, Doris Margarete Schmidt studied stage design at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts and the ENSAD in Paris. She has designed costumes and sets for projects by Tabea Martin, Cie Troisième Génération, Babett Grube, Ivna Zic; the production design for Lisa Sperling's film "répétition" (AT) and assisted Wilfried Minks, Raimund Bauer and Ene-Liis Semper. She is also the voice behind several audio works and the German film "Sag mir Mnemosyne".


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