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AZOCOL Z 140 - Allround, High-Quality Photoemulsion

Dual-cure diazo-photoemulsion

AZOCOL Z 140 is used for the production of high quality screen printing stencils. Due to its excellent imaging properties such as resolution, sharp print shoulder and tonal value replication, it is ideal for printing finest half-tones. Whatever you are printing – glass, membrane switches or graphics – AZOCOL Z 140 is a genuine allrounder.


AZOCOL Z 140 can be manually or machine coated and is suitable for ink-jet film. Due to its very high solids content, extremely good coating results can be achieved with relatively few coating passes. Stencils made with AZOCOL Z 140 are solvent and water resistant and can be decoated easily, especially in automatic cleaning units.

Your benefits:

  • high solids content
  • excellent edge definition through high resolution
  • best replication and tonal value rendition
  • very suitable for inkjet films (no blocking)
  • highly resistant against solvent and UV inks as well as aqueous ink systems
  • no film-forming from aggressive solvents
  • always remains easily decoatable AZOCOL Z 140


AZOCOL Z 140 100 10

z140 100 14