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Kissel + Wolf appoints Weidinger GmbH as distribution partner

From now on, Weidinger will handle sales of the SMT cleaning chemicals product line in Europe as Kissel + Wolf’s distributor


Weidinger GmbH, a distributor for electronics production, and Kissel + Wolf GmbH have agreed on an almost Europe-wide cooperation for the sales of KIWO SMT cleaning chemicals.
As one of the leading manufacturers of specialty chemical products and as well as being known for efficient solutions, Kissel + Wolf also stands out in the field of solvent and water-based industrial and special cleaning agents. This new cooperation includes the proven KIWOCLEAN® EL series for cleaning SMD stencils, misprinted circuit boards, soldering frames, condensate traps, soldering ovens and soldering systems as well as the undersides of stencils.
Direct linkt to the products: SMT Cleaning Agents

"To support us in selling our products across Europe, we are very pleased to welcome Weidinger aboard, who are well established in sales to the electronics market and have excellent market reach at home and abroad.
The last few months of informal cooperation not only brought us numerous orders, they showed that sales handling through Weidinger’s new and modern logistics centre is much more efficient and simpler.” commented Bodo Bendschneider, Sales Support & Controlling Manager at Kissel + Wolf GmbH, on the new distribution partnership.

Head of Sales at Weidinger GmbH, Christian Kamml, added that “With the KIWOCLEAN® EL series we can offer our customers additional products with a high added value that we had not previously included in our product range. We are pleased that we can expand this area further.”


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For more than 70 years, Weidinger GmbH has been a system supplier and manufacturer of products and services for electronics manufacturing. Founded as a family company, technical advice and competent support for their customers have always been top priorities for them. Further information at:


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