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KIWOCLEAN EL 8800 and EL 8900

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Water-based SMD stencil cleaner – high performance at low-cost

For cleaning SMD stencils, water-based formulations with two active cleaning phases have proved to be best. KIWO uses mixtures which are hazard-free, offering highest work and product safety and simplifying storage, eliminating the need for separate dangerous goods storage.

Apart from their mild odour, these KIWO cleaners are in particular characterised by their shortened process times and thus facilitate high stencil throughput in cleaning units and long bath times in circulation flow management. This leads to lower overall costs in the stencil cleaning process.

Simply rinse off with tap water, but use DI-water to avoid lime residue if water hardness is high. KIWO cleaners dry residue-free and require no de-foamer, when used in automatic spray units.

Our products are suitable for use in all common automatic screen washing units, both in closed spray chamber systems and ultra-sound cleaning systems.


Ready to use: KIWOCLEAN EL 8800

Or more economical as a concentrate for a 1:3 dilution with DI-water : KIWOCLEAN EL 8900  

Advanteges of both products

  • lower overall costs through short process times and long bath life
  • water-based and biologically degradable
  • hazard-free for highest product and work safety
  • no flashpoint – saves explosion protection measures
  • high cleaning power, adjusted to be lightly alkaline
  • mild odour


Our quality has been recognised by leading SMD producers – we look forward to your enquiry :

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